Coranavirus Misinformation

Fake Medicine

Social media spreads false cures for CoranaVirus. Some examples are you could cure the virus by breathing hot air from a hair dryer. Another lie was injecting Vitamin C into the bloodstream was a viable cure. Some believed vaping organic oregano oil could cure the virus.

Where Does it Come From?

Much of the false information comes from people who don't believe in vaccines and believe in misinformation themselves. Some of these people make videos on Youtube about their theories and can make money from them. Misinformation can be comforting for some but can causes stress for those who don't know what to believe.

Why do people spread fake information?

Some people share misinformation because they do not know better and believe whatever they hear. Social media does not help to stop the spread of this information. Twitter users often retweet tweets that contain misnformation because they want to show they agree. This causes people to believe information that is popular instead of believeing information that is true.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used to remove misinformation about the Coranavirus that is posted on social media. A.I. is sometimes unable to tell whether the inforation is correct or not and will often flag correct information for review by mistake. This means misinoformation will sometimes never be reviewed and will be spread by others who see it on social media.

Media Traffic

Social media platforms promote popular content that gains a lot of attention. So when misinformation about covid goes viral, media platforms tend to spread it even more, no matter what the information is about. Some people will believe the content they see and belive they can use it to help themseles when in reality, it will only hurt them.